What is a Construction Consultant?

November 8, 2023

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Typically hired as a 3rd party to represent the lender, syndicator, or investor on a construction project, a construction consultant plays a vital part in ensuring that a project is meeting the quality, cost, and time set by the development team. 

What Does a Construction Consultant Do?

Utilizing prior on-the-job experience, construction consultants monitor construction progress, ensuring project compliance within the lender’s requirements and expectations. To properly mitigate risk and ensure compliance, a consultant will gather information and documentation throughout the construction process. This helps to gain a clear understanding of issues as they arise. Construction consultants will then use these findings to give their clients not only a report documenting the overall status of the project but also the recommended solutions to ensure a successful project outcome.

While monitoring the project on a monthly basis, a construction consultant will document work in progress and discuss staffing and scheduling issues and budget concerns. They also review potential change orders and current applications for payment, monthly project logs, and material testing reports. Once this information is obtained and reviewed, a consultant will produce a report highlighting the on-site inspection. And, they will provide an in-depth review of the documentation received. This report is updated and issued each month until the project is substantially complete, to ensure that the financial partners are fully aware of the status of the project during all phases of construction. 

Why Choose Moran Construction Consultants As Your Construction Consultants

With over 50 years of construction consulting experience, we have helped our clients mitigate risk across the country. We believe our years of success are attributed to our commitment to offering a personalized service tailored to each client’s individual needs. Our company accomplishes this by having a team of in-house consultants that specialize in specific regions of the country. This guarantees you have a partner on your side that can give you sound consultation and solutions based on not only national trends but local ones as well.

Using our extensive database of thousands of projects within diverse sectors including high-rise, retail, office, entertainment, education, multi-family, and residential, you also get the unique perspective of comparing your project on a national and regional scale. This allows our consultants to make accurate and timely comparisons each month. With a dedicated group of in-house consultants, our team consistently meets national customer demands while offering local market knowledge. 

Want to learn more about how Moran Construction Consultants can help on your next CRE deal? Give us a call at 225-315-2003 or contact us online to learn how we can help safeguard your investment.

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